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He Performs Wonders That Cannot Be Fathomed
Mirakles That Cannot Be Counted


I Began Mirakle Moments, the Blog/Website in a Space of Sheer Darkness.  Alone with My Pain & Thoughts, Angry and Desolate in So Many Spheres of Life, I Began by Telling Myself, I Had Two Choices, I Could Fall Apart or Fall Into Place . I Made THE Choice to Fall Into Place, no Doubt, the Better Choice no Matter What Obstacles I Knew Lay Ahead.
Mirakle Moments Began as a Paperback Many Years Ago, the Vision Was to Turn This into a Magazine That I Hoped Would Edify The Lost Through Testimonies Based on Miraculous Events Surrounding the Presence of Jesus Christ. This However Was Not Meant to be, as Attempt After Attempt Failed.
“do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them & start over again” 
sir richard branson 
Determined, I Made Two Choices, Firstly to Never Give up & Secondly to Never Give Up. Mirakle Moments Will Reach the People I Assured Myself Many Times Over.
“Stand Firm & You Will Win Life”
Luke 21:19 (NIV)

As Technology Evolved, so to Did I. I Had to Rethink The Path of My Dream, Strategize & Go Forward in Faith Above All Else for As Clear as Day, When a Dream Exists, There is Hope & Without Any Doubt, God is Present.
Mirakle Moments is Now a Website/ Blog, a Blog Created to Encourage & Disciple Through the Works of a Great God.
Remember: Things Fall Apart, Dreams Whither, Nature Runs its Course , People Come into Your Life & People Go. In Other Words, Life Happens but WE Still Remain, Dreams Do Not Die & More Importantly
“Jesus Christ is The Same Yesterday, Today & Forever.”Hebrews 13:8 (NIV)

MEET RANA TIRZAH: Chosen Warrior Princess Child of God

Child of The Most High God, Mother, Woman of Deep Faith, Lover of Christ, Sinner, Prayer Warrior, Friend…

Rana Tirzah is An Amateur Writer, Business Owner, Motivational Speaker, Creative Artist, Entrepreneur & More. Filled With  Much Inspiration, Tirzah Adorns Many Hats, She is Bold, Courageous & Can Break Through the Toughest of Situations, She Has Learnt to WIN.

Tirzah Generously Shares Her Miraculous Experiences With You, Through Her Deep Faith in Jesus Christ. Her Hope to Edify People Through This Faith, is a Journey She Invites You to Take With Her as She Shares The Foundation She Has Designed For Herself by Applying This Faith.

Encouraging Others & Going That Extra Mile is a Great Part of Who I Am, I See Talent in Just About Everyone, Not One is “Badly” Put Together, We Are all a Work In Progress & so I Try to See God in All of His Creation & Know That as He Knows my Mistakes & Still Loves Me, so too Should I Aspire to Love Others.

I Hope My Blog Will Be a Form Of Strength to Many That Struggle With Much of the Harshness That Life Throws at us & to Never Forget That You Were Born to Stand Out & Not to Fit in.

Place Your Imperfections on all That You do & Watch a Masterpiece Unfold

Nourish Your Emotional Health By Eating a Daily Diet of Positive Thought, Forgiveness  & The Word of God 

Let Life Be 10 % What Happens to You & 90 % How You React to What Happens 

 Be Prepared to Fail but Never Prepare Yourself to Fail

Take Sunshine With You Wherever You Go, Even on a Rainy Day


He Was Wounded For Our Transgressions

By Kiara Taëler Naidoo

For as Long as I Could Remember I was Told that Quitting is for Losers. That Giving up Means Failing. Recently, with Much Self Reflection &  Research, I’ve Realized That this is in Fact One of the Biggest Lies I’ve Ever Heard.

You see, the Truth is – Quitting is for Winners
Quitting, When You Know You aren’t Being Appreciated – That is Strength
Quitting, When You Know You Need to Walk Away From a Toxic Situation – that is Self Love
Quitting, When You Know There is Something Better Out There for You – that is Faith
Quitting, When Your Exterior is Winning but Your Interior is Losing – that is Courage

It’s a Hard Pill to Swallow. In my Many Conversations With Myself, I Have Wondered if God Would be Proud of this Attitude. In Conclusion, God is Proud of Me, for Knowing When to Change Direction, for Knowing When I am More Than What is in Front of me & for Loving Myself  the Way HE Loves me.

It is Okay to Look up & Ask for Help in Times of Uncertainty, Nothing About Quitting is Certain & Comfortable, But…
God Will Carry You (Isaiah 46:4 ) (NIV)

By Tirzah

I Am Burning Up with Love For You, You Walked into my Life Over 16 Years Ago & I Am Still Falling Inlove, You Make it Easy, Coz You Love Me With A Passion so Deep I Cannot Fathom it on Some Days.

I Know I Fail You Much, I Am Truly Very Sorry, I Made Some Terrible Mistakes & Caused Many People to Cry & Sometimes I Say & do Things to Hurt You but We Make Up Don’t We? You Love me Unconditionally. I Want to be Yours Forever, I Want to Love You More Today, Come Closer to me, Let me Feel You Breathe on Me,
I am Unable to Contain the Love You Have for me, Its Pure & Sincere…This Much I Know.
Will You Put Your Arms Around me Like You Always do, Even When We Disagree, Will You Whisper in my Ears Those Words I Wait to Hear When I Sneak Away to be With You?

Its Tough Sometimes Coz Life Gets in The Way & I Know You Hurt Coz I Take Time Away From You.
I Cannot Wait Thou, to be with You Again, Just Now, Always & Forever. You Make my Heart Sing with Joy Each Moment I Spend with You, Each Moment is Better Than the Next. I Love You Truly I do.
You Know it’s Tough Not Being Able to Touch Your Face So I Will Wait Patiently  While I Dwell in Your Presence. I LOVE YOU MY LORD JESUS. Every Moment Spent with You, is a Mirakle Moment. Will You Hold onto My Hand As You Always do & Assist me to Remain Steadfast in my Love for You.
Forever Yours Tirzah.
I Love You, O, Lord, My Strength (Psalm 18:1) (NIV)

Give Him Your Weakness & He Will Give You His Strength

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Introductory Post

One of the Most Difficult & Unplanned Journeys Many Undertake is Depression, Sadly,  Some Do Not Make The Journey at All as Suicide Becomes the Only Option. In This Current Period, We Have Become Captive to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Our Lives Are Determined by this Virus in More Ways Than We Can Comprehend. The Loss of Lives is Exponential, Fear is Ever Present & Life in General Has Taken on a Bleak Meaning For Many Who Have Slipped into a Place of Despair & Disconnection but In Truth it is NOT Covid 19 That Controls Our Lives, it is In Fact What we Let in. If we Allow Fear in then Fear Will Conquer, if We Allow Sadness in, Sadness Will Conquer,

If we Allow Pessimism, this too Shall Prevail. I say “LET GOD IN”
Many Ask if These Damaging Feelings Can Be Eradicated. Can One Overcome Depression? The Answer is Yes, Yes We Can, However it is by no Means an Easy Task. One Has to Work at One’s Emotional State, One Small Step at a Time & it is Important Especially in This Bleak Period for Each of us to Encourage Our Fellow Brothers & Sisters.
“The Lord Will Keep You from all Harm, He Will Watch Over Your Life, The Lord Will Watch Over Your Coming & Going Both Now & Forevermore” Psalm 121: 7- 8 (NIV).
Take These Words as HIS Promise to You & Walk with me As I Share My Experience with Depression, How I Faced & Conquered This Debilitating Disease Through My Faith & Determination.

“But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. ‘Do not fear their threats; do not be frightened.” 1 Peter 3:14, (NIV)
Through prayer, application, supplication and forgiveness I have conquered my greatest fears and the many threats against my life, the power in the potential I have been awarded by my Lord Jesus Christ manifested and left many times, I fell, I got up, I fell again… but, I am His and HE IS MINE…HE promises that “no weapon formed against us will prosper” and HIS word, HE says “ will not return void.

i named ‘her’ sneak
  a story of pain coupled with faith, that ends in victory 


I Have Been Crucified with Christ & I No Longer Live but Christ Lives in me. The Life I Now Live in The Body, I Live by Faith in the Son of God, Who Loved me & Gave Himself for Me.
Galatians 2:20


The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is Considered to be the Greatest Miracle of All Time & The Foundation of The Christian Faith

“For Since Death Came through a Man, the Resurrection of the Dead Comes Also Through a Man”
I Corinthians 15:21



I Called ‘her’ Sneak: Overcoming Depression

3 Year Old Encounters Christ

Healed! Abused! Healed

Begin a Love Relationship with Christ First


At Mirakle Moments, We Interview Children of God Who Tell us of Their Miraculous Encounters With Christ. Snippets/ Full Testimonies Of Their Experience is Given Through Our Channel. We Humbly Request  You to Like, Share & Subscribe to Mirakle Moments You Tube.  Mirakle Moments Does Not Generate An Income, This Channel Is Based Purely On Our Love For Jesus Christ & His Children. Please Feel Free To Contact Us If You Would Like To Share Your Testimony Or If You Would Like Prayer. Details Of Where You Can Find Us Is In The Description Box Below Every Video. Thank You & God Bless.

Introduction By Rana Tirzah Naidoo

3 Year Old Meets Jesus

Healed From Sickness & Abuse

Begin a Love Relationship with Christ First


Collaborating With Like Minded Individuals is a Recipe For Success.  As Henry Ford so Eloquently Stated
“Coming Together is a Beginning, Keeping Together is Progress, Working Together is Success.” 

Join My Esteemed Colleagues on Their Respective Journeys By Reading & Sharing Their Websites. 

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